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Merchant Policy

By ordering wholesale products from Handsome Goods Co., you will be agreeing to the following terms:

PURCHASED GOODS. All of the products (the "Goods") listed in your invoice will be sold by the Seller and purchased by the Buyer, adhering to the terms, conditions, limitations, and provisions of this Notice. 

STANDARDS OF GOODS. Goods shall include the items listed in your invoice, which you will receive by email and be packaged with plastic-free recycled paperboard headercards, protected with paper, within a labeled cardboard box. 

PAYMENTS. Payments will be made to

Handsome Goods Co.



in accordance with net 30 payment terms. Reminders will sent to facilitate on-time payment. If any invoice hasn’t received an eCommerce payment by its written due date, after a one-week grace period, five percent interest will be added and payable on all overdue amounts. Payments can be made online from the invoice link with ACH or credit card, in addition to by check (see above).

SHIPPING SERVICES AND COSTS. If applicable, outside the Bay Area of California, buyer agrees to maintain responsibility for all shipping expenses. Buyer must notify Seller of any claimed shipping error or damage within ten days of receiving goods. Buyer’s failure to give such notice within that period shall be deemed a waiver of Buyer's claim for incorrect or damaged shipments. eCommerce shipping, transportation, and delivery will be completed by USPS or UPS. Shipping and handling expenses will be determined by weight and packaging size. 

TAXES. The Buyer will pay all taxes resulting from the sale, imposed by any lawful governing body. This does not include individual and/or private income taxes.

BASIC WARRANTY. Seller warrants that the Goods shall be free of substantive defects in functionality, workmanship, and applicable materials. Other than that which is expressly written in this agreement contract, Seller makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to Goods. Any other type or form of warranty, whether express or implied, are wholly disclaimed by Seller. 

Privacy Policy

We respect privacy and do not collect information aside from opt-in email addresses for newsletters. We utilize payment processing from Helcim, Shopify, Venmo, and Paypal to keep your financial data secure. 

Return/Exchange/Refund Policy

Refunds are available for functional defects in products.

Cosmetic variations do not apply, as these are hand-made products. 

Header card and packaging replacements are available free of charge.

Handsome Goods Co. stands behind the durability of our products - if a bulk bag or tag set breaks, we will replace the item, with proof of purchase, within 3 years of the purchase date.

Shipping/Delivery Policy

We offer free, local, zero-emissions delivery for Bay Area businesses.

Processing times can take between 1 and 10 business days. Contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone/text 415-933-2345 to arrange delivery for a specific day or timeline.

We ship to stores outside the Bay Area, and will find you the best possible shipping rates by weight and distance, which will be added to your invoice.